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~ "Oliver!" Gallery Extra 2 ~


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Presented in this gallery is another batch of photos from everyone's favourite motion picture musical...


With my special thanks to Shani Wallis and Don Bandel for the wonderful signed photos in this row.



Left to right: general scenes...



Left to right: 2 x USA 1 sheet posters, filming boy for sale scene, Carol Reed directing Mark Lester, Oliver Reed, Shani Wallis, Mark Lester and Ron Moody.



Left to right: USA laserdisc sleeve, Ron Moody & Jack Wild, 2 x Ron Moody, 2 x Shani Wallis, and 2 x Mark Lester.

              Left to right: Spanish poster, 2 x Mark Lester, Jack Wild, 2 x Carol Reed directing, group publicity photo, Carol Reed proudly clasping his Oscar for "Oliver!".

              Left to right: "Oliver!" Promotional artwork, USA 1 sheet poster, I'd do Anything scene, Oliver Reed, 2 x Mark Lester and 2 x Shani Wallis.


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