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Stephen Lowthian site Webmaster...

(Opposite) Stephen meeting Mark Lester & Ron Moody at an "Oliver!" event in London: 18 May 2013. Me in a cinema projection room back in the golden days when films "reely" were on film? The former Odeon Cinema, as it looks now, in Torquay, England. The venue where I first saw "Oliver!" all those years ago...

Born 1955 and raised in Newcastle upon Tyne I "consider myself" a Geordie at heart. A Geordie who enjoys a great film rather than football? My schooldays were something of an ordeal (though there were some good memories) and so I was eager to leave and begin earning my keep. At the tender age of 16 years I entered film exhibition working for Great Britain's Odeon cinema chain as a trainee cinema technician.

I first saw "Oliver!" whilst on holiday with my parents in Torquay, England. As an avid 13-year-old Doctor Who and science fiction fanatic I remember recoiling at the notion of seeing a musical film. However, my prejudice was soon set aside by the sheer spectacle of the production. I came away from the cinema absolutely spellbound and certainly asking for more.

So why the website? Working in cinema gave me the opportunity to collect certain memorabilia. In particular a rather unique collection of material from Oliver. So, when the time came to create a web site of my own and begin to explore all the multimedia aspects of the web. I could only think of one choice of subject...Oliver!


This fan based (non commercial) website was created as a respectful celebration of the musical movie "Oliver!" The scanned images presented for your viewing pleasure are taken from original photos in my personal collection. Naturally I acknowledge and respect the copyright and trade marks of all items used in the creation of this tribute website.


With special thanks to...

Mr. John Bend, Mr. Neil Thompson, Mr. Paul Beck, Mr. Harry Rigby and Mr. Don Bandel.








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